Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Je t'aime

Its a well known fact that we're destined for Paris dear.

Its a dream that's slowly collecting dust but
surely if something feels so natural it's well within our reach. right?

The fashion
The culture
The patisseries!

We WILL get there eventually.

       Oh La La!


A few resolutions:

one. I'm going to be really great hair stylist!!
two. to work on my time management and plan my weeks so i have time for everyone i love.
three. to work on the wardrobe of my dreams!
four. to see Paris and Italy at least.
five. to not worry so much about wasting time and concentrate on living it.
six. to be more organised!!!
seven. to take more photos.
eight .to stick to one journal, not five different ones.
nine. to look back this time next year and be able to say we cracked it!

(et toi?)

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