Tuesday, 25 January 2011



this is the only thing i'd ever have as pet! eeeeeeeeeeee x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday, 23 January 2011


tim walker

either either?

Melted T is only a large marge.... what you recks to either of these?
blaaady ell i want em alllll!


isit me or do these colours get you really fucking excited! waaaaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

lil plum

I'm sorry i havent had much time for big chats recently.
I know it seems like a terrid start to TWENTYELEVEN but the fact that we actually got through last year is a bloody relief! haha

I cant put into words how much I want us to just be sitting in a little French cafe, drinking coffee.... and I really want to try macaroons! i've thought about that a lot recently. Not just the roons ;)

It seems as though in this weird routine i'm in, i'm spending the best part of it daydreaming in this little world that I think we're living in.
Its like i'm living in a paralell universe where the blogs and such seem more familiar, as though they're part of my actual life. I think of Paris and the Dam as if we've had memories there already... Is that weird?

In reality i'm walking around some salon in Deal but in my head we're strolling down that cobbled street in our maxis. For now, i'll accept that but this year it really is going to happen..... Pick a random date and we'll take some time out in that world.... please.

I hope you're okay over there in the bubble... the hell hole is dire... I cant bring myself to leave my room once I get in... do you ever get in and just sit? its probably the hormones and fucking cold that are making me feel completely dead at the moment ARGHHHH!

I need just a day with you.. a day in EAT or something... one this months out the way i'll get my arse over canters... got the bus times up me arse so we'll have an evening yussss? tight money month init.

i've started reading on the road propaas.. well i've got through a few pages but read straight through... no reading over and over the first page again haha! how are your books going?

also... this is the mag i was going on about oh comedy , when i first saw it a couple of months ago.. i thought it was about lesbian comedians... judging by the front cover haha but its actually alright :)

i love you



Monday, 3 January 2011


new member to the faaam

defffffinatley just bought her ..oh!