Thursday, 25 November 2010

heyy babygiirl

ohh mate whennnn can we be out of here? fuck. the picture below is how i want my room exactly, so lovely, want dreamcatchers and beautiful things everywhereee, that are preferably immune to dust! i still need a big feather for my eaaaaar man, and big butterflies. And shit loads of jewelry. Aaahh it's all so heartbreaking! WE NEED OUUUT!
just a few pics that are getting me through the day, they'll get ya mind popping and your heart dreaming. i love you x

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  1. oh loyal pen pal ;)

    AHHHH! its so rad how some pictures just completely sum up what's spinning around in my brain.
    Its all so beautiful and inspiring but i want it so much to become our reality.

    Why are we so poor and WHY isnt my tum like the 'VE' girl's?

    This life at the moment isnt a life at all compared to the one i want us to live. blissfully happy and with wardrobes to die for.

    its all there.


    i love you



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